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These are the six best fitness machines for beginners

These are the six best fitness machines for beginnersfreepik

You walk past a gym and through the glass you see several people exercising on one of the machines fitness that the premises have. You know very well that it never hurts to take care of yourself and that maybe you You could trybut the lack of knowledge, the fear of injuring yourself or the fear of not controlling the technique, not to mention laziness, may have prevented you from taking the first step until now.

If you decide to start in this sport practice You should know that there are a lot of machines waiting for you to work different aspects of your body such as strength, cardiovascular capacity, resistance or muscle groups.

These instruments will allow you to maximize training and obtain optimal results in line with your objectives, as well as perform specific, guided and customizable movements according to your physical condition.

In this way, if going to the gym is among your most immediate plans, the fitness experts at Club Metropolitan offer you a selection of The best machines with which you can start in an effective, simple and safe way in this sport. These are:

– Elliptical bike. It is a machine for aerobic training. It is made up of two platforms to support your feet and two long bars to hold with your hands, so that during the exercise you will move your arms and legs at the same time. When you start to feel tired you will tend to relax your posture, but it is very important that you always keep your body upright and your head firm. One of the advantages of the elliptical is that you can start the exercises slowly and gradually increase the intensity.

A woman exercises on an elliptical trainer.

– Stationary bicycle. It is an ideal cardiovascular and aerobic activity to work the lower body and can be easily adapted to each person. If you prefer to work in a group, the cycling You will find it fun and very effective. In this practice, music plays an essential role and will act as a very motivating element to maintain the effort.

– Pulleys. It is used to work the muscular areas of the upper body such as the dorsal, pectoral area, biceps, triceps, etc. It is important that your coach explains the correct way to execute the technique, since sometimes it is not easy.

– Tape. You can use it for running or walking. It is best to start walking slowly and gradually increase the speed, intensity and inclination, and alternate changes of pace, as well as walking and running. To focus this aerobic work on muscle development, it is important to start slowly and learn the technique correctly to avoid injuries.

A man walks quickly on a treadmill.

– Multipower. This machine is a guided bar in which an external load is introduced at the ends. It allows you to do exercises such as squats, deadlifts, horizontal press and vertical press. The positive part of this device is that it only moves in one plane, which provides a lot of stability and makes it difficult to lose balance, since force only has to be applied in the frontal plane.

– Sorted machines. The plate machines are designed for those who want to tone and define their body in specific areas. This is equipment that allows the load to be adapted to the characteristics of each user quickly and easily, working specific muscle groups in a guided manner. Therefore, they are very safe for users who want to start in the gym.

If you want to turn your life around, practicing fitness and eating a healthy diet will provide you with very healthy habits that will help you achieve greater physical and mental well-being.

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