“They’re listening to charlatans”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Warned How Steroids Kill Before Death of Fitness God Joesthetics, Who Openly Claimed Using PEDs

Bodybuilding influencer Jo Lindner, popularly recognized as the Joesthetics, has passed away at the age of 30. The untimely demise of this German fitness luminary comes as a shock to his dedicated fan base, which he amassed through his engaging content focused on gym workouts and meticulous training routines shared on Instagram. With an impressive following of 8.4 million, Jo Lindner’s impact as a fitness guru resonated deeply with his online community, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration and dedication to the pursuit of physical fitness.

Jo Lindner (Joesthetics)

His girlfriend, Nicha, paid a heartfelt tribute to her late boyfriend, Jo Lindner, via Instagram, revealing that his passing resulted from a brain aneurysm. In her post, she disclosed that Lindner had recently expressed discomfort in his neck only days before the tragic event. She also described him as “sweet, kind, loyal, and strong.”

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What Was The Cause Of Jo Lindner’s Death

As per Nicha’s Instagram post, Jo Lindner’s untimely demise was attributed to an aneurysm, a medical condition characterized by the formation of a bulge in a blood vessel. This bulge arises from a weakened section of the blood vessel wall, typically occurring at points where it branches. This condition poses a significant health risk for those unfamiliar with aneurysms and can lead to severe complications. 

Jo Lindner (Joesthetics)
Jo Lindner (Joesthetics)

During a June interview for an episode of Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk, Jo Lindner openly discussed his battle with rippling muscle disease, a condition characterized by heightened muscle sensitivity to movement or pressure. 

In a candid YouTube video titled How I First Got In Touch With Steroids (The True Story), Jo Lindner openly acknowledged his use of steroids in response to allegations from several trainers who accused him of dishonesty regarding his natural gains. Addressing the controversy head-on, Joesthetics shared his personal experiences and the circumstances that led him to explore the world of performance-enhancing substances. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Warned Against The Use Of Steroids

In a previous statement, Arnold Schwarzenegger highlighted the evolving methods employed by contemporary bodybuilders when it comes to accessing performance-enhancing drugs, contrasting them with his own experiences. The esteemed actor, renowned for his bodybuilding achievements, also emphasized the risks of steroid usage without proper medical guidance. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Bodybuilding always always was considered a safe sport. But now it’s not. Now people are dying—they’re dying because of overdoses of drugs, and they don’t know what the f*** they’re doing,” Schwarzenegger said. “They’re listening to charlatans. If I want to get medical advice from a doctor, I go to UCLA, or I go to the Cleveland Clinic.”

Despite acknowledging his history of steroid usage, Arnold Schwarzenegger candidly admitted that he might not be the most suitable messenger for addressing drug use. Nevertheless, he fervently encouraged bodybuilders to steer clear of steroids, emphasizing the potential harm they can inflict on the human body. 

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