This 3-move functional fitness workout with dumbbells strengthens muscles all over

A functional fitness workout means you’ll move your body using multi-joint, multi-muscle compound exercises, targeting, strengthening and building muscle across your entire body.

Using exercises like pulling, lunging or pushing, you can build functional strength, muscle and power, which all sit under that big old functional umbrella of workouts with or without weights. 

When the word “functional” is used in the fitness industry, it means exercises serve a purpose for your body in and outside of the gym environment. That means the movement patterns are similar to familiar everyday activities like jumping, climbing or walking. Grab your best adjustable dumbbells and read on. 

Sam holding two dumbbells at shoulder height during F45 workout

(Image credit: Sam Hopes)

Functional workouts are effective and efficient, making them a top choice for those wanting to increase lean muscle mass, lose weight and strengthen muscles big and small. 

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