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This Is How Long You Should Rest Between Sets To Gain Muscle In The Gym

This Is How Long You Should Rest Between Sets To Gain Muscle In The Gym

Do you want to gain muscle? Are you regular at the gym? Well, pay attention to this fact: andhe time you should rest between series is key to achieving your goal. All the experts emphasize that there is something as important or more than physical exercise in the gym: rest between different exercises.


Until now, it has always been said that if you want to gain muscle, you should rest just enough between series and series, a maximum of one minute. But, after some investigations, for muscular hypertrophy it has been considered that it is advisable to rest a little more. This study ensures that resting longer between series,l least three minutes, it’s more effective for strength and hypertrophy than resting for a minute, for example.

In order to get as strong as possible, you will need to get enough rest between sets as your muscles need plenty of time to recover after each set. This is one of the keys if you go to the gym to strengthen your muscles for the arrival of good weather.

But be careful, not all exercises require the same rest time between series. It also depends on the type of exercise. The squatsFor examplethey need more rest that a curl biceps workout with dumbbells.

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