Tips for betting on Cats

LEXINGTON— kentucky basketball earning your ninth national championship It would be a dream come true for the team's fervent fans. It would also be the worst nightmare for two of the largest betting houses in the United States.

The Wildcats are the biggest liability for BetMGM and DraftKings. On BetMGM, the UK leads the country in buy-in percentage (the percentage of total bets) at 11.6 and is second in handle percentage (the percentage of total money) at 13.0, behind only of the defending national champion. University of Connecticut (14.6%), both figures as of Monday. Kentucky leads the nation in both categories on DraftKings, with 18% of the tickets and 24% of the handle as of earlier this week.

Not surprisingly, those numbers are even more pronounced in the Bluegrass State. More than 70% of bets placed on Kentucky at BetMGM are on the Wildcats, representing 75% of the total money wagered. Those percentages are even higher on DraftKings: 75% of bets on Kentucky are on coach John Calipari's team to win the 2024 championship. NCAA Tournament title, which is 81% of the identifier.

Despite the abundance of bets placed in the UK, there is still value to be found, said Steve Bittenbender.

“For a futures market, where they are winning the national title, I would recommend it to anyone,” said Bittenbender, a writer and analyst for BetKentucky.com. “However, I would recommend doing it within reason. Kentucky's odds are quite lucrative, depending on which sportsbook you go to.

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