Tired Dad Fitness Club: Former pro wrestler aims to help motivate dads

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) — A former professional wrestler is now the CEO of Tired Dad Fitness Club, an online social media-based company that remotely guides fathers in training, nutrition, mindset and time management.

Sarasota-native Eric Koenreich told SNN that his journey in fitness started when he was 17 years old, tipping the scales at 310 pounds.

“I let my body image ruin my mental health,” he said. “I was absolutely obsessed with it. I was never good enough. I was never happy with what I was doing.”

Koenreich said it was necessary to turn a corner to find a healthy lifestyle.

He entered the pro wrestling world in 2003 and throughout a stellar 10-year career, Koeneich worked for companies like the National Wrestling Alliance, Ring of Honor and Major League Wrestling.

Nearly 10 years later, Koenreich has opened and closed “Kookies & Kream”, a Sarasota-based bakery, coached jiu-jitsu, blogged about Junk Food on YouTube, started a family, and created Tired Dad Fitness Club. 

Now, Koenreich said his family is his reason for living and the main source of motivation for his quest for perpetual improvement.

As “Head Dad in Charge,” Koenreich said he helps fathers become something their families can be proud of.

“My legacy, the only thing I care about, is that I was a good father,” he said. “When I’m long gone, I want my kids to still be talking about me in a positive light. I want them to look at me to be their favorite superhero.”

Koenreich said he hopes to help his clientele become the best version of themselves.

“My only goal is get people happy and healthy. If you’re a happy and healthy person, you’ll be a damn good dad,” he said.

To learn more about Tired Dad Fitness Club, visit Koenreich’s website.

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