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TYPES OF SQUATS | The perfect calorie-burning exercise: lose weight easily and without leaving home

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Yeah you’re not a big fan of gym but you know what to lose weighthe physical exercise It has to be one of your essentials, we tell you that you don’t need to spend hours training. It is much more recommended that you do the routines and the most suitable exercises to your physical form already you metabolismso that your muscles and your back do not suffer. How to do it? Well, you can’t expect to run a marathon in one day, so to improve little by little, the best thing to do is that you leave advise by professionalsbut we already give you a hint: do squats.


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The first thing you have to count on is a nutritionist. He knows what you should eat and in what quantities. As a general rule, we already tell you that it is best to consume natural products (nothing ultra-processed) and that you promote fruit and vegetables over greasier or sweeter products.

But it is also important exercise. And along these lines, we advise you to talk to a second type of professional: a qualified sports instructor.

If you have proposed to complete the bikini operation this year and want to start running, for example, you have to be clear about one thing: you will not be able to do 10 kilometers without having trained beforehand. So you have to start little by little.

But be careful, all exercise has to be adapted to age. If you are over 35 years old you have to start taking care of yourself in a different way. Nutritionists and sports instructors say it is important to stop doing so much aerobic exercise and do a little more than force

Your muscles from that age (but especially once you are over 40), begin to lose strength and it is important that you continue exercising them. The how could not be simpler. With exercises like this one that we are talking about today and that It has become fashionable on the internet and among the famous: the squats.

It is something that you can do at home and it is enough that you have a chair: the squats. Of course, watch that you are supporting your feet well and that the posture is as correct as possible to avoid injuring your back. It is not necessary that you beat yourself up every day, with only 3 minutes It will be enough to notice the results.

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It is important that you always do it as instructed by the instructors and the experts in Physical Education because that way you will be able to reach a good port. A poorly performed exercise is not only not going to have an effect, but what it is going to do is that, in addition to not losing weight, you cause injuries being left stranded for a significant period of time.

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