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What is better to train WOD or Open? Main differences and advantages

What is a WOD?

The WOD is, for its acronym in English, the “Work of the day” or, what is the same, the work of the day for your training.

It is mainly divided into three parts:

  • Heating: It is an important part and it is essential that you do not skip it, since it helps to avoid injuries and prevents muscle pain, since in this part the work focuses on warming up the muscles that we will use during training. We can start, for example, with joint movements and gradually include dynamic exercises in order to increase blood flow, lung activity, body temperature…
  • Technique: Part of the time we spend in the box is spent working on technique with the aim of reducing the risk of injury and preventing pain that may be caused by performing an exercise incorrectly. Here the coach or trainer will explain the technique and correct the athletes so that they learn to perform each exercise correctly.
  • The WOD: It is the work for that day and can be adapted to the level and physical condition of each person by changing the intensity and the loads. For this reason, the same WOD can be valid both for a professional athlete and for a person who has started practicing it a short time ago or who has just started. You always have to try to give it your all, including the highest possible intensity in order to achieve a progressive physical improvement without forgetting technique at any time.

What is the OpenBox?

These are hours in which the CrossFit box is open so that any crossfitero or crossfitera can go to train. During this time, the athlete can do specific exercises that help them improve in the WOD’s or they can practice the day’s training.

Basically, you have access to the CrossFit facilities and materials that are in the box but there is no directed class as such.

The benefits of the Open Box are several:

  • You can use this time to work on mobilityelasticity and doing aerobic exercises: when you go to a CrossFit class these aspects are not worked on specifically, so in the Open you can focus on them.
  • Focus on improving skills in which you need make special emphasis: if you have a weak point, these hours in the box can be very useful for you to do exercises aimed at improving. Train to strengthen, for example, flexibility, coordination, balance…
  • Practice a WOD that is difficult for you to perform: You can focus on doing wod’s that have cost you to finish in a class to progress progressively. You can also take advantage of the Open to do wod’s that you could not attend, whether for work or personal reasons.


Taking these benefits into account, it is also important that you take into account that you cannot focus your training only on Open, that is, it is not to replace your usual classes and wod’s. You have to see the Open as an additional advantage that the box offers you so that you become a more complete athlete.

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