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what is it and what are the benefits of this training practice

ANDPilates is gaining more and more followers because, in addition to toning the figure and improving postureIt is a good tool to combat stress and anxiety. But, have you heard of practicing pilates on the wall? Ely Merino, Buddyfit trainer explains it to you.

What is wall pilates?

“Wall Pilates is nothing more than Pilates and functional training adapted to a wall”, defines the trainer

What benefits does this practice give?

According to Ely Merino, By practicing pilates on the wall, you will have better body awareness and better control over your posture.

In addition, Pilates strengthens our muscles thanks to the resistance of the wall.

At Buddyfit you can find specific wall pilates classes to do from home. In addition, they have a wall pilates program with classes of only 10 minutes. Perfect for those people who never have time! If you are interested, take a look at their website and start training

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