What is Tom Cruise’s Diet and Workout Routine that keeps him in Great Shape even after 50? | Fitness tips of the day

Renowned for his death-defying actions, Tom Cruise looks as fit as ever before despite being 59.

A workaholic and award-winning global star, Cruise brings the same level of confidence and dedication to his workout routine as he does for his movies. He’s so fit and healthy even in his late 50s that he can compete with anybody when it comes to fitness.

He spends several hours training for his movie roles and also makes it a point to include healthy eating throughout the day.

So what’s the secret behind his fitness? Is it some hardcore workout plan, or does he follow an extreme diet? The surprising answer to all these questions is that this clean-cut and handsome Hollywood star follows nothing out of the box; instead, he just does the plain old workouts and follows a simple diet routine.

Here’s everything about Tom Cruise’s diet and workout plan

Diet plan

Tom Cruise's diet plan. (Image credits:
Tom Cruise’s diet plan. (Image credits:

While Tom Cruise doesn’t follow a customised diet, he indulges in clean and healthy eating throughout the day. His food contain a maximum of 1200 calories and few carbs.

He stays away from junk and oily food and rarely does cheat meals. Although he loves to snack, nuts and fruits are his favourite snacking items. Cruise’s primary diet includes fish, egg whites, chicken, oatmeal, vegetables, whey protein and other basic health foods.

The ‘Mission Impossible’ star is very particular about his calorie intake and keeps it as low as 1200 calories a day.

In 2018, Cruise preferred small meals instead of eating three full meals, he opted for 15 small snacks throughout the day.

It was reported that each of Cruise’s meals was prepared by his personal chefs and included food like organic blueberries and nuts. In 2020, new reports emerged that said Cruise started consuming as little as only 1200 calories as part of David Beckham’s devised diet plans. He mostly ate only grilled food and avoided carbs to a great extent.

Workout plan

Tom Cruise's workout plan. (Image credits:
Tom Cruise’s workout plan. (Image credits:

Tom Cruise isn’t a big fan of working in the gym every day; however, he believes in including versatility in his simple workout plans. He also doesn’t restrict himself to any particular exercise to stay fit; rather, he enjoys easy workouts and various other adventurous activities, including hiking, fencing, running, kayaking, etc.

Apart from that, cardio and weight training are two major parts of Cruise’s workout plan. While cardio helps enhance his metabolism and increases his muscle endurance, weight training helps him achieve ripped abs and a picture-perfect physique.

The ‘Jerry Maguire’ star does weight training and cardio exercises for three days and dedicates the other two of his workout programme enjoying different adventure activities. Furthermore, he rests for two days, giving his muscles time to recover and rest.

Additionally, Cruise also engages in a variety of basic physical activities, including playing tennis, jogging, cycling and other sports to keep his body physically active and moving every day.

So, as you can see, there’s nothing planned for Tom Cruise’s diet and workout. He keeps everything simple and follows it by heart. He also keeps on changing his diet and exercise routines according to the requirements of his movie roles and gives his best on the screen.


If you are wondering how to look as fit as Tom Cruise, simply consider limiting your calorie intake, avoid carbs, eat small meals and keep your body physically active throughout the day. Follow a regular workout routine, and you may have a body just like Cruise.

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