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When to sign up for Medicare

Did you know you can sign up for Medicare during special enrollment periods?

Or if you experience a specific life change you’ll have a limited amount of time to make changes to your plan, without penalty.

For instance, if you move outside your plan’s service area; lose current coverage through your employer; or your plan changes its contract with Medicare.
Choosing the right Medicare plan is important.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so you should research your options and understand what different plans offer.

Optum works with more than 100 insurance companies. Giving you a lot of options and additional benefits, like the Optum Mobile Clinic. Providing wellness exams and screenings to keep members healthier and reduce long-term costs.

Medicare.govis a great place to find detailed breakdowns of coverage options, along with downloadable enrollment forms.

And visit optum.com/ut to learn more about Optum’s available options to their members.

This Fox 13 Booming Forward Tip is presented by Optum.

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