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Why is CrossFit so fashionable in Spain?

CrossFit was developed by Greg Glassman in the 1990s. Glassman, a former gymnast, founded the first official CrossFit affiliation in Santa Cruz, California, in 2000. Since then, CrossFit has experienced significant growth and has become a worldwide phenomenon.

“The idea behind CrossFit was to create a fitness program that encompassed a wide range of disciplines and functional movements.. Glassman realized that many training programs focused on the development of a single skill or aspect of fitness, but did not offer comprehensive preparation for any physical challenge.” says Luken Azua, CrossFit coach to MARCA.

Tips to start in the world of CrossFit

Luken Azua gives you the keys to start in this world:

  1. Find an affiliated Box at
  2. Schedule a trial class
  3. And decide to change your life by targeting you.

According to the trainer: “CrossFit has gained popularity in the world and in particular in Spain because it is a very complete training program that combines three fundamental elements such as: constantly varied functional movements executed at a relatively high intensity. This allows you to work on different aspects of physical conditioning, such as strength, endurance and flexibility.”

This sport adapts the exercises to your possibilities

“In a CrossFit class you will learn to move consciously and always guided by a Coach who will give you the guidelines to follow and if you are a person who is starting CrossFit or who presents some pathology to take into consideration, you will always have the possibility of adapting the exercises to your possibilities”, recognizes Luken to MARCA.

Another very important aspect to highlight in CrossFit is the Community: CrossFit workouts, when carried out in small groups, foster an atmosphere of community and camaraderie. According to the trainer: “Participants encourage and motivate each other to improve themselves by creating a friendly and healthy atmosphere for them, plus CrossFit brings together all kinds of people with a common goal that is nothing more than: health and well-being”.

The 7 basic movements of Crossfit and that you can do on your own with little or no material according to Luken Azua:

  1. Squats or Squats
  2. burpees
  3. skipping rope
  4. push ups
  5. sit ups
  6. Thrusters
  7. Shoulder Press

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