Yoga for Prostate Over 50s | Best Prostate Exercises for Men over 50

Yoga for Prostate Problems over 50s | Best Prostate Exercises – The prostate gland sits below the bladder and surrounds the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside). When you get older or overweight, your prostate gets bigger too. This may cause problems like difficulty urinating or frequent urination because it presses on part of your bladder.

If you enjoy practicing yoga and would like to go deeper to heal prostate health completely then please welcome to join me in this 12 Prostate Yoga Video Series: sign up for the full course here –

Are you suffering from an Enlarged prostate? Difficult in peeing fully, and emptying your bladder completely? Or simply want your prostate health to be completely normal and healthy?

The “hidden secret” doctors don’t want you to know so they can make more money off of you. Have you ever wondered why your doctors almost ALWAYS prescribe you a random big-worded prescription bottle Or told you the only way to heal the prostate is by surgery/or medication?

But what if I told you that the prescriptions they prescribe you, are not necessary?

That the only prescription you need is your mind!

And that if you apply these 3 yoga crucial methods to your daily routine, then you’ll be able to heal fast and unlock your fullest potential.

Here is the first video: of this series and, is completely free for you to try and experience. Throughout the course, we use chairs, ropes, pillows, yoga blocks, etc to support your yoga practice, even if you are inflexible or in the age between 50s to 80s. If you enjoyed the above video and would like to unlock the full potential of getting healed completely with yoga then sign up here for the full course:

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!!! Disclaimer Alert !!!
This video is not medical advice. Amit Namdev is an Indian govt. certified Yoga Instructor, with 16 years of teaching experience. However, he is not your therapist and can’t possibly know your exact problem or diagnose you through YouTube. So please don’t use this video to avoid going to your own healthcare advisor/doctor or therapist.
This Video is only intended to show you the correct techniques for mental or physical exercise and should not be used for self-diagnosis or self-treatment without undergoing your healthcare physician or therapist.
Please check with your doctor before trying these techniques and at any time you feel discomfort doing any of these exercises, stop immediately and consult with your healthcare professional. Thank you for your co-operation. 🙂
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