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4 Old Women In Their 60s & 70s Prove How Fitness Keeps Aging Bodies Young

Hashtag fitness objectives.

Aging is usually regarded as a really scary factor. 

Not solely are you imagined to lose the colour of your hair and power of your youth, however any degree of hotness you’ve loved supposedly goes flying out the window when you get older. 

Up till this very second in time, I didn’t assume the phrases “hot” and “granny” would ever be in the identical sentence. But it’s 2017 and all issues are attainable — with a great weight loss plan and exercise. 

Also, don’t sort “hot grannies” into Google. Trust me. 

But because of the web and a 2016 Inside Edition segment, I’ve acquired 4 tremendous scorching and tremendous match women over 60 that may make getting older look much less scary (and doubtless encourage you to hit the fitness center). 


1. Wendy Ida, 65. 


It’s apparent at first look that Wendy doesn’t look 65. If I noticed her on the road, I’d in all probability guess 30-40s MAX. So how does this match, fierce and fabulous (her phrases, not mine) woman look the best way she does? 

Well for starters, she’s a personal trainer and a self-proclaimed skilled at taking again your life after 40. She’s written a greatest promoting ebook, has private fitness training packages and holds two Guinness World Records, one being the oldest lively teacher in a number of disciplines and the second is for probably the most Burpees in a single minute. 

If the secret to wanting that scorching at 65 is burpees then I’m gonna be a bit irritated. 

Still, Wendy is a self-made inspiration. She didn’t begin understanding till she was 43 and dropped 80 kilos she held onto most of her life. The woman struggled. Just learn this a part of her bio: 

“She is a Domestic Violence Survivor who was in poor shape, bad health and had low self-esteem. It’s no wonder why Wendy feels sharing her self-taught approach to mental readiness, self-worth and teaching, preaching and inspiring others to live their potential can not only change the world, but it is her reason for living.”

Hashtag blessed. 


Rebecca LaNasa, 76.

SEVENTY FREAKIN’ SIX PEOPLE. Rebecca LaNasa with her toned bod and cute little pixie cute is the only motivation you need to pay attention to your health. 

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