15 MIN YOGA FOR OSTEOPOROSIS AND LOW BONE DENSITY – Safe yoga poses for osteoporosis & osteopenia

This 15 minute yoga class for osteoporosis is great for all levels including beginners to yoga. This class is designed around safe yoga poses for you to practice if you have osteoporosis or osteopenia. Osteoporosis (low bone density) can happen in both men and women but is most common in post menopausal women. Exercise consisting of weight bearing activities can be helpful in improving bone density. There are a variety yoga poses that are weight bearing which can be helpful for this condition, but there are certain motions and poses that you should avoid with osteoporosis which was talked about in my previous video which is linked below. This yoga practice is beginner friendly so if you are new to yoga try this flow!

Exercises to improve bone density:
20 min yoga practice for osteoporosis:

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