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4 keys to show off a flat and defined belly like Nicole Kidman after 50

The easiest thing to do is consider that the actress, being a celebrities, you can afford a lot more care time to look this great. But Nicole Kidmanlike any other woman, also suffers the hormonal fluctuationsmood swings or anxiety, common symptoms during menopause that have their reflection in the diet or in the style of life. Its secret is to be submerged in a life marked by a series of healthy habits since I was little. “My father ran marathons and my sister does triathlons. I don’t do any of that, I like to run, but very slowly,” she confessed in an interview. “I’m not fast or pretty when I run, but I love being outdoors. It lifts my spirits and makes me thankful for life. It brings me a lot of peace.”

Did he running Is it the key for the Australian to be able to boast of abs at 56? No, at least not at all. The underlying issue is the amount of accumulated fat in the body and, obviously, the practice of exercise influences this. “To define abs, the level of body fat should be around the 18% in the case of women and 10% in that of men”, explains Sara Álvarez, co-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology. Nicole Kidman, in addition to going for a run on the beach in Sydney or the forest near Nashville, has determined a perfect fitness routine every morning, where the high intensity exercises: “”It’s like going clubbing first thing in the morning. It’s dark, with great music, and the result is that you rev ​​up so much that the high lasts all day, “confessed the actress. She also practices yoga and walks, a lot. And take care of your diet Without restrictions. The 80/20 technique is the one that works best for you: 80% of their diet is healthy and 20% whims.

But, what if you don’t have the healthy lifestyle of Nicole Kidman and you want to put remedy to your abdomen after 50, where do you have to start? What weighs more food or nutrition? “Women may find it more difficult to define the abdominal area due to their hormonal system because estrogens have a tendency to create fat. This does not mean that they cannot define the abs, but that under the same conditions as a man, it will take them longer, since they tend to accumulate more fat than muscle mass”, explains Sara Álvarez before showing us the four keys essential to achieve success and have a flat and defined abdomen.

4 keys to a flat stomach at 50

  1. basic cardio. “The abdominals must be worked on with an adequate combination of strength training and cardio that must be accompanied by a strict and appropriate eating plan for each person and case”, comments the co-founder and creator of the RETO48 methodology. This means that to achieve the goal we have to combine all our efforts, starting with not underestimating the presence of cardiovascular exercise which, of course, does not have to be running like Nicole Kidman does. Walking at a brisk pace, swimming, cycling… the options are multiple, choose the one you like best so you don’t throw in the towel at the first chance.
  2. strength exercises. With a plan of 5 specific exercises carried out every other day for 20 minutes a day, you will be able to burn the fat collected in the abdomen. Sara Álvarez proposes us to do sit-ups, isometric forearm plank, isometric forearm plank (which obviously has to be done on each side), criss-cross and leg shake.
  3. Less carbs and more protein. “It is important to start a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in protein that contains healthy fats from olive oil or nuts,” says the expert. Following her advice and without falling into the elimination of any macronutrient, the ideal would be to consume the hydrates first thing in the day to have energy at the start and avoid the accumulation of unconsumed energy in the form of fat.
  4. Lots of fiber and little sodium. “Likewise, the diet should be low in sodium, but with a lot of fiber, to help intestinal transit and avoid bad digestion and a bloated stomach,” says the expert. Many experts recommend reducing salt intake (which also favors fluid retention) and increasing the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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