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Martha Stewart’s Top Wellness Tips Revealed

The best way to start the day when you are Martha Stewart is to break a light sweat doing Pilates three times each week. “This is where I go at 6:30 in the morning,” Martha told E! News in March of her trainer-led sessions. “It’s nice.”

After her workout, the 81-year-old drinks her daily green juice, which, naturally, includes veggies she grows herself at her 153-acres estate in Bedford, N.Y.

“I have a vegetable greenhouse right here in my farm,” she detailed, “and during the summer, of course, the vegetables are grown outside in the garden.”

And, after a fan on Instagram asked in the comments section of an April 5 selfie how Martha looks so amazing, the lifestyle doyenne shared several other secrets: “Eating very well, Pilates three x week. Horseback ride at least once a week. No smoking. Little drinking.”

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