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5 CrossFit exercises to train legs and buttocks

CrossFit is a sports activity where several disciplines are combined, Weightlifting, Gymnastics and cardio exercises in a structured and progressive way.. That seeks, like all sports activities, to improve the state of health and well-being of its athletes. Athletes who are, in most cases, normal people who want to play sports, de-stress and meet people while doing it.

Why has it become so fashionable?

According to Bartolomé López Pagan, co-owner of CrossFit 03130, in an interview for MARCA: “Well, simply because it is super fun. It is an activity that, although it is done individually, you do it in a class with more people, of different levels and ages, where everyone tries to give the best of each one of them. That , is precisely one of its foundations, improvement, being able to do a little more each day than the previous one”.

5 exercises to train legs and buttocks

Bartolomé López, CrossFit trainer, gives you 5 exercises to strengthen the legs and buttocks:

  • Squats with and without weight: air squats, globet squats, back squats, front squats, overhead squats…
  • Strides with and without weight: lunges, reverse lunges, jumping lunges, walking lunges…
  • Deadlift: Dead lift or Sumo Dead lift.
  • Box exercises with or without weight: Box jump, Box jump over, Box step up, Box step up over.
  • Olympic bar exercises: Clean, Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Thrusters…

10 Basic Tips for CrossFit Beginners According to Bartholomew

  1. Follow the instructions and corrections of the Coach.
  2. Be humble and leave the ego at home.
  3. Strive and always fight at your level.
  4. Prioritize technique over weight. One thing leads to another.
  5. Have a positive attitude when training. We know that life does not make it easy, we know it.
  6. Results come with time and work, don’t look for shortcuts.
  7. Failing a thousand times in an exercise is not a problem, it is learning.
  8. Cheer on your teammates when you’re done.
  9. Talk and greet your teammates. Meet people.
  10. But, above all, have fun, enjoy and make the most of each training session with your teammates.

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