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A Beauty Editor Recreates Three Laura Harrier Makeup Looks

I’ll always be a huge fan of bronzed, glowy looks (and Harrier is the queen of them). One quick scroll through her Instagram page reveals endless luminous skin, just-pinched cheeks, and simple eye makeup looks. I knew that to recreate her seemingly flawless visage, I would need to use a product that gives me coverage and glow. Enter: Rose Inc’s bestselling tinted serum

I found that applying the serum directly to the face and then buffing out with a beauty blender worked the best for me. After going in with concealer, I contoured, and then taking a small amount of Rare Beauty’s Pinch Liquid Blush and Charlotte Tilbury’s liquid blush to my cheeks. The look was finished with quick swipe of mascara and lipstick.

My end goal was a bronzed ‘no makeup’ makeup look, but I’m not sure how well I pulled it off. While I did try my hand at contouring, the result was pretty dismal. I’m also quite disappointed in my attempt at replicating her gorgeous lip color (I went too pink when I should have leaned more towards a light brick red). Maybe it was the lack of golden hour lighting on my side, but this look unfortunately fell flat to me.

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