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A trick to mark abs and lose weight fast

Double trick: The way to lose weight and mark abs at the same time


Despite the fact that the world of nutrition and sports is full of hoaxes and false beliefs (especially in what has to do with losing weight and losing weight easily and quickly), sometimes there are certain rumors that are not exempt a certain dose of reality. What nutritionists say: from a certain age (usually 35 / 40 years), the body begins to lose muscle and that only gets better if you start doing more weights and less cardio.

Many times, no matter how old we are, we try to lose weight by doing cardio exercises. We kill ourselves running or riding a bike without noticing almost any weight loss. All of this has an explanation: you can’t go down because you’re not doing it right. Experts in nutrition, health and sports ensure that It’s just as important to run for an hour as it is to do 50 sit-ups. Muscle loss must be combated with some kind of measure.

When it comes to losing weight there are several things that you have to be clear about. The first is that the ultimate goal always has to be to live a healthier life, not just lose your belly. And that is achieved by improving the diet. But another fundamental piece of advice that you have to keep in mind is that you will only be able to lose weight if you fall into a caloric deficit. That is to say: if your body enters fewer calories than “come out” so you will not achieve great progress if you do not combine the diet with adequate exercise. Move more.

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But there are always practical and simple mechanisms and tools to power that abdominal work and the roller is the most suitable for it without a doubt. Although it requires some adaptation you will quickly see the results and change of working with it.

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What is it and what is it for?

The roller is simple, since it consists of two discs crossed by a bar that serves as a grip to move the body over it by turning the discs.

Its main function is to exercise the abdominals, but they will also work the shoulders and even the back, in terms of gaining flexibility.

Use tips

  1. Repeat the exercise without forcing until you achieve the correct technique

  2. Movement control must be with the abdomen

  3. Roll the bar forward with your back straight and arms straight

  4. You must not move the hip or lower back during the execution

  5. The hands must be resting on the bars and the knees and the tips of the feet on the ground.

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Abdominal roller benefits

  • Increased mobility and coordination

  • Strengthen the ‘core’ and you will be able to lift more weight in other exercises such as squats

  • Allows you to work several muscles at the same time and helps burn additional calories

  • A good use of the roller will lead to better health

  • It does not have an aesthetic character since it is an effective mechanism for abdominal work

  • Prevents back pain and greater protection of internal organs

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What to keep in mind when buying a roller?

  1. Grip: Mainly it must adapt to the hands and be comfortable, so you have to look for an ergonomic design and covered in rubber or plastic. Some curved shapes can give greater support to the hands.

  2. Wheel: There are many kinds and that its importance is maximum, since it supports the entire weight of the body. Stability must be essential, from there the models with two wheels together offer greater stability.

  3. Non-slip: Vital to avoid ending up on the ground. Rubber is a good material to keep it from slipping.

  4. Accessories: Check if they have pads or spare parts for the wheels.

  5. Rotation resistance: The greater the resistance, the more force you must exert to perform the exercise.

  6. Load and resistance: The specific weight that it can support.

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