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Alysia Magen’s journey to becoming a social media influencer started off when she was still in the Air Force. Her fitness model content on Instagram led to a demotion prior to her time in the military coming to an end.

Following her departure, she took her content to another level. She now has more than 1.7 million Instagram followers, a TikTok following of 2 million, and a successful OnlyFans to throw in the mix. In other words, Alysia is all in on the influencing game.

Part of a successful influencing game these days is getting in the ring and doing a little boxing. It’s a moneymaker for the outfits that put on the shows and a great way for the influencers involved to take their self-promotion to a new audience.

Alysia Magen attends Official Celebrity Boxing South Florida Rumble Featuring Blac Chyna – Press Conference. (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images)

Alysia’s been in the ring once before and is looking to make her return. Last summer she took on Blac Chyna in a match that ended in a draw, despite the fact that she dropped the entertainer during the fight.

A few weeks ago, Alysia said she was ready for another fight and she’s been training. She said, “Think I’m ready for my next @misfitsboxing fight ? The only way i could have been confident that day was being true to myself & following Gods plan not what was comfortable.”

“I had to end a long toxic relationship, and drinking alcohol that was trying to cover the pain i was in,” she continued. “Now it’s time to focus on my next fight and putting God & recovery first .”

Alysia has certainly been putting in the work. She’s training so hard in boxing these days that her top is falling off.

Alysia Magen Is Ready To Step Back In The Ring

Does your top falling off while training translate into success during an actual fight? You really won’t know until she steps into the ring again.

It does, however, indicate that Alysia is putting everything – including her top – into her punches. She’s moving well and popping those pads.

Is it good enough for a fight against a professional? Absolutely not, but there’s enough there to put Blac Chyna on her ass again or to rock another influencer.

The uptight boxing purists aren’t down with it, but stepping in the ring and having your top fall off during a fight is a decent way to do some of that very important self-promoting.

Nothing appears to be set for Alysia to make her return to the rig, but it looks like it’s just a matter of time before it happens.

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