Balloch fitness instructor becomes one of just eight women to complete a marathon on 7 continents

A Balloch fitness instructor who became one of only eight women in the UK to complete a marathon on all seven continents hopes her story can inspire others.

Debbie Savage and pal Jan Fellows completed the Rio Marathon this month to earn their Seven Continents medal – joining a very select group of less than a 1000 people globally to run marathons on every continent.

Mum-of-two Debbie told the Lennox that she didn’t register the scale of the achievement until she completed the Rio event – and hailed Jan, 68, as an incredible role model.

She said: “I thought hundreds of people had done it, but apparently very few of us are that crazy.

“Jan and I are only the seventh and eighth women in the UK to get the medal, and only 17 people in the whole country have it.

“That made me realise how big an achievement it was.

“Jan is a retired doctor and is 68, so for her it’s an even bigger achievement. Although I’m surprised that she’s still talking to me after talking her into this!

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