“Better Check That Cholesterol Joe”- 55-Year-Old Fitness Freak Joe Rogan’s “Nilgai Steaks and Bacon” Diet Sees Fans Having a Field Day at the Expense of $120M Worth Podcaster

Joe Rogan and his JRE podcast antics often garner attention for all the wrong reasons. From declining American IQ to hordes of Russians fighting in football fields, there is hardly any topic that the $200 million Spotify podcast doesn’t touch upon.

In a similar intriguing discussion with Tom Segura, the 55-year-old shed light on his infamous carnivore diet. The UFC commentator even argued that the diet helped ease his joint pain while keeping him at bay from “poison.” Yes, you heard it right! But what is this “poison” that Rogan keeps bringing up during his conversation? And why are fans finding the discussion to be hilarious? Let’s find out!

Unraveling Joe Rogan’s infamous carnivore diet: Nilgai steaks and Bacon


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In a recently resurfaced clip, fans spotted the 55-year-old Joe Rogan delving deep into a discussion about healthy eating habits. On a similar note, Segura asks the JRE host about his diet. The $120 million-worth podcaster kicks off the conversation by sharing his diet for the day, “Today was Nilgai steaks and bacon. Nilgai is an antelope that I shot in Texas. I’m not like – avoiding vegetables, per se. But I’m – 100% I’m avoiding bread and pasta.”

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Rogan goes on to discuss how this unique diet has had an unexpected impact on his health. Even his chronic knee pain miraculously disappeared within just two months of adopting the carnivore diet. He believes that consuming a lot of unhealthy food puts the body in a state of inflammation. He even links this to a chemical called glyphosate, commonly found in pesticides.

“I think when you’re eating a lot of shit, your body is in a state of inflammation and there could possibly be something with glyphosate. That’s that chemical that they spray on weeds – that they found something like 94% of people have it in their blood…It’s f*cking poison – it’s 100% cancer-causing poison and 94% of the people have it in their body.”

Rogan is quite passionate about his belief that glyphosate is “100% cancer-causing poison,” and that a staggering 94% of people have it in their bodies. This startling revelation has fans reacting with astonishment and a call for action against such harmful substances.

Fan Reactions: From amusing hilarity to health concerns and everything in between

The fan reactions to the interview are just as intriguing as the discussion itself. But most of Rogan’s fans are simply amused at his unique diet. Many applaud his commitment to a healthier lifestyle, while it even inspired fans to give his carnivore diet a try.

One fan amusingly wrote,

“Joe’s breakfast is a mixture of a prehistoric man and a rich French man”

This user correlated his breakfast to a combination of a prehistoric man’s feast and the indulgence of a wealthy Frenchman. Talk about drawing an analogy!

Moreover, some Rogan lovers took a more serious tone, voicing concern about the potential health implications of such a carnivore diet. One netizen commented, “You are what you eat,” implying that Joe’s diet seems to contradict the popular saying. Another netizen cautioned Rogan – “Better check that cholesterol, Joe!”

Hilariously, the discussion about glyphosate particularly struck a chord with fans. Many poured in with comments like,

“I like how he brushes over the staggering number of 94%. Oof. The FDA needs to be dismantled.”

“Joint pain and bread is a running theme”

“He smokes his vegetables 😂”

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What’s more – Joe Rogan’s passion for his diet and its apparent positive impact on his joint pain resonated with some fans, inspiring them to consider trying the carnivore diet themselves.


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“Gonna have to try this diet”

“Sounds like a nationwide class act suit against MOnSANTO!!!”

“I love how intense this vid is”


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In the end, the fan reactions exemplify the influence of the Joe Rogan effect. What do you think of the popular opinion? Do you find Rogan’s remarks amusing? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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