Blink Fitness Launches “Empower Hour” this March with Free Programming to Support Women in the Weight Room

Beginning March 8, on International Women’s Day, Blink will offer a free, weekly personal trainer-led series to help every body interested in strength training

NEW YORK, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blink Fitness, the premium and affordable fitness brand that touts Mood Above Muscle®, is launching a free strength training program at all locations* throughout March to empower women in the weight room with education on equipment and technique in a super supportive class setting. Blink’s “Empower Hour” series will be led by a Blink certified personal trainer and offered each Wednesday in March, starting on March 8th, from 7 – 8  p.m. – no membership required!

Over the last decade, the health and wellness benefits of strength training for women have grown in awareness and popularity, but recent research** conducted by Blink among members pointed to a few prevailing factors that continue to prevent women from participating:

  • uncertainty on how to get started (32%)
  • comfort navigating the strength equipment (27%)

Blink’s March series will aim to make strength training more accessible and comfortable for women (and all genders!) who are interested in getting started or adding on to an existing fitness program. The weekly certified personal trainer-led training sessions will provide specific instructions on how to utilize equipment and machines, as well as a clear program individuals can follow. Each week will focus on a different area on the body: back and bicep; chest, shoulder, and tricep; abs; and legs and glutes.

“At the core of our philosophy, we believe that the best result of a good fitness routine is how it makes you feel,” said Ellen Thompson, NASM certified Area Personal Training Manager for Blink Fitness. “Strength training is proven to advance mental and physical wellness with benefits that include improving mood, lowering stress/anxiety, boosting brain health, burning calories more efficiently, and promoting greater mobility and flexibility. We recognize that the weight room has historically attracted more of a male customer, and we also know that women are, now more than ever, interested in a weight training program. We want to make sure that all people continue to feel welcome, confident and prepared to participate in the weight room, and we hope this special Empower Hour series can help facilitate that.”

To participate in the series, please sign up here. For more information about Blink Fitness, visit

*Excluding: Blink Medford, Beverly, Virginia Beach, Evanston, Liverpool, Onondaga, Framingdale and Lindenhurst.

**Research conducted Feb. 9, 2023; sample size 1,067 female Blink members.

About Blink Fitness

Blink is challenging conventional fitness stereotypes through its revolutionary philosophy of Mood Above Muscle® by celebrating how exercise makes you feel versus how it makes you look. Blink is the first gym to showcase body diversity and engage people who have been disenfranchised by the cliché advertising images that feature unrealistic and unattainable bodies. Blink Fitness—a premium and affordable fitness brand—celebrates the positive feelings exercise elicits, along with the physical benefits. Blink has over 120 locations open or in development throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Texas. Blink has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list four times, was recognized as one of the top health clubs by Club Industry, and was selected as the best budget chain by Men’s Health.

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