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Dwayne Johnson The Rock crushes his legs like never before with a bestial exercise

Leg day for many is a day to jump into their training routine. For Dwayne Johnson The Rock no, he does not skip anything if we are talking about his physique and fitness. Do leg and leave praying that they carry you in their arms is the feeling with which you have to end the ‘leg day’. There is no more, avoiding going to the gym to skip it is not in Dwayne Johnson’s planning.

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t forgive leg day

If Dwayne Johnson doesn’t skip leg day after 4 knee surgeries… why do you? There are no possible excuses, do not fool yourself. Get your quads and leg on fire with this brutal Bulgarian squat workout. As Dwayne Johnson rightly says in his post on his personal Instagram account, “I haven’t done this exercise in years due to 4 knee surgeries plus abdominal tear injury.” The Hollywood actor does not stay in the past and fights to meet his challenges and challenge himself every day. Constant overcoming of titan.

The similar dimensions of his quadriceps are not normal, are out of the reach of other mortals on our planet Earth. Yes, admit it is so. As an example to follow, incredible, but his muscular level is spectacular. If you haven’t done this balanced Bulgarian squat exercise in a while, imagine if you didn’t have any physical restrictions like injuries… What would have been his ceiling in terms of the quality of his muscles? We would be talking about one of the best physicists in history.

The comments of the followers are grouped into two, some delighted with the music that accompanies the training and two, the imperative: Don’t skip leg day. You see, everyone thinks so and you who are reading this, be honest, I’m going to find out and you know it.

Do you skip leg day? Or you comply like Dwayne Johnson.

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