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FAMOUS FITNESS: The benefits of circuit training, Angelina Jolie’s favorite workout

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends doing moderate-intensity cardiovascular training at least five days a week and another two days of strength training. This means three to four hours of training per week, something that is beyond the reach of the vast majority of us. That is why we find the favorite training of

Angelina Joliehe

circuit training which, like AMRAP, ensures more optimal results in the shortest possible time.

Jolie practices daily

yoga and three times a week he holds training sessions

kick boxing, but he doesn’t particularly like strength training. Therefore, his physical trainer,

Magnus Lygdbackuse circuit training by planning an exercise routine adapted to your own physical condition, but always keeping in mind that the exercises must have a high intensity so that the training lasts as little as possible but the results are not compromised.

What is circuit training?


circuit training is a training modality based on the principle of muscular overload that consists of performing different exercises of

High intensity continuously and without rest between them. Of course, in circuit training it is important to adapt the exercises to the capacity and rhythm of each person in particular, without forcing the body but managing to develop the physical capacities of coordination, localized resistance, strength, speed and flexibility.

Angelina Jolie in a black leather dress at the Eternals premiere in Rome. /Gtresonline.

It is a type of training

dynamic, intense and highly motivating. Each session is divided into three phases and each one focuses on a different muscle group, allowing you to tone your entire body in a single workout. Each phase of the session is made up, in turn, of a minimum of 8 exercises and a maximum of 12, which are performed in series of between 10 and 15 repetitions each.

There is no rest between each one of them, only what it takes to move on to the next exercise, at least until completing a complete lap of the circuit, which is done in a circular fashion. The training includes machines, weights or any material that serves as resistance, in addition to the own

body weight.

Advantages of circuit training, Angelina Jolie’s favorite training

One of the main advantages of circuit training is its ability to

leverage maximum training time, so it is ideal for those people who want to play sports but do not have much time. In addition, since it is a training

adapted to the person who performs it, you can do it both outdoors and in the gym or in your own home.

Angelina Jolie on the red carpet at the 2018 Bafta Awards in a long black off-the-shoulder dress. /Gtresonline.

In addition, circuit training allows us to improve not only our general physical condition but also our conditioning.

cardiopulmonary and

neuromuscular. By advancing through the different circuit training stations we can better develop the

endurance aerobic, localized muscular resistance,

flexibility and the speed.

What exercises can be done with circuit training

Each training circuit is adapted to the physical level of each person, as is the number of exercises involved in each phase. After several sessions and established routines you can

increase progressively the training time or the number of exercises to perform, both those that work the legs and the arms, the back or the abdominals.

Angelina Jolie, for example, perform a very complete workout that works all the muscle groups of the body. These are

your exercises and repetitions from each of them:

squats with dumbbells: 15 repetitions.

Rowing one-arm dumbbells: 10 to 12 repetitions with each arm.

lunges Lateral twist: 15 repetitions.

ramming: 15 repetitions

squats and shoulder press: 15 repetitions.

Biceps with dumbbells: 10 to 12 repetitions.

leg curl with fitball – from 10 to 12 repetitions.

ABS classics: 15 repetitions.

– jump to

camber or high knees: 30 seconds.

Cardio: from 30 to 45 minutes.

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