Happy birthday, Abhay Deol! Here are the actor’s fitness secrets

Happy birthday, Abhay Deol! Here are the actor’s fitness secrets

Mar 15, 2023, 10:35 am
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Here’s wishing Abhay Deol a very happy birthday

The Dev.D star turns 47 today!

Besides being revered for his not-so-conventional roles, Abhay Deol also garners love for his lean and toned physique which adds to his strong onscreen presence.

Despite constantly juggling between shoots and events, this dimpled lad doesn’t miss out on his fitness regimen.

On his birthday, let’s check out what makes him look not a day older than 40!

Deol indulges in yoga regularly

Yoga is one of the most consistent and important parts of Deol’s fitness regimen as he inclined toward it at the age of 20.

He learned certain asanas back in school and incorporated them into his life ever since then.

With Surya Namaskar as his go-to warm-up exercise, the actor can be seen practicing yoga more than spending several hours at the gym.

Look at him performing ‘Bhujangasana’ during the ‘Surya Namaskar’ series

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He also enjoys weight training and cycling outdoors

Besides yoga, Deol also hits the gym on and off for his weight training. However, he still doesn’t favor the trend of six-pack abs.

He’s a total outdoor person and loves the idea of burning extra calories in the lap of nature.

Additionally, he also enjoys cycling, aerobics, and many other cardio exercises to stay in fine fettle.

Deol isn’t much of a gym guy but stays fit

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The actor draws inspiration from veteran actor and uncle Dharmendra

When it comes to who inspires the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara actor to stay fit as a fiddle, Deol once shared in an interview that the veteran actor and his uncle Dharmendra will always be his “He-Man.”

The legendary actor has managed to stay fit without falling prey to fad diets or health supplements, pushing Deol to follow the same path.

He’s a foodie at heart but practices healthy eating

Diet plays an important role in making the actor look fit and fab in his forties.

“I am pretty healthy. Thanks to my nutritionist, my diet is on track. For me, the concept of dieting is – Eat healthily and according to the activities in your day,” revealed the actor during an interview.

Although he’s a big foodie at heart, he practices healthy eating.

Fad diets are a big no-no for this dreamboat

During the same interview, the Happy Bhaag Jayegi star confessed that he steers clear of fad diets.

However, he’s pretty conscious about his daily calorie consumption.

“My nutritionist charted out a detailed food plan for me after analyzing my BMI count, fat percentage, height, and weight. According to her, my body needs 1,900 calories a day,” he was quoted saying. by Zee Zest.

Eggs, grilled meats, and salads rock for the ‘Shanghai’ man

As per reports, Deol loves to savor eggs for breakfast daily.

When shooting, he also eats grilled meats and salads, which are loaded with proteins.

On certain days, the actor also cooks grilled chicken on his own and credits his sister for teaching him how to cook.

He also has his share of cheat days and sugar rush with dark chocolates, pastries, and cupcakes.

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