HIIT-ing your fitness goals with an intense routine

There’s a reason high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is so popular — it’s designed to give you a killer workout in a short amount of time.

HIIT classes are short, sharp bursts of exercises where you’re working out above 85 per cent of your maximum heart rate, and Sean Johnson, regional fitness manager at Orangetheory Fitness, can see why they’re “tempting”.

“A lot of people are pressed for time and seek a ‘quick fix’,” he says.

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“To many people, the assumption is ‘no pain, no gain’ and so therefore seek out a hard-hitting, pulse-shattering workout to undo the unhealthy habits they may have gotten themselves into.

“A hard workout can feel very rewarding when you move fast and blast around for a short time.”

Plus, there are benefits to HIIT training, with Johnson saying: “A shorter, more intense workout does have the ability to elicit a longer afterburn compared to a less intense longer workout.”

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