How much did the late fitness influencer earn?

Social Media star Jo Lindner, popularly known as Joesthetics, sadly passed away at the age of 30, on Jun 30, 2023. Joesthetics’s girlfriend Nicha revealed that he passed away in her arms due to an aneurysm.

Over the years, Lindner built up a strong social media presence and YouTube channel. As of 2023, Lindner was said to have a net worth of $2.5 million Throughout his career, he gave fitness tips, workout routines and advocated for a healthy lifestyle.

Jo’s YouTube channel has over 943k subscribers and over 300 channel uplaods. His estimated sponsorship income is anywhere between $11,000 to $19,000. Lindner was a prominent German bodybuilder and fitness influencer. The news of his passing left his fans devastated. The bodybuilder had been feeling pain in his neck for the last three days.

Jo Lindner’s close friend and bodybuilder, Noel Dezyel, also broke the news on Instagram over the passing of his friend. Jo was known for his discipline and motivation, earning him success in bodybuilding. Dezyel released the following statement on Instagram:

“Rest in peace Jo. I still keep checking my phone waiting for your reply so we can meet at the gym. I’m broken bro. You opened your arms up to us, you showed us so much about life and social media. Your generosity towards myself and others will always stay with me. I just don’t know what to say anymore. It hurts to know you are gone forever man. I love you bro, rest easy.”

Joesthetics’ fitness journey over the years

Lindner was born on January 14, 1993. He was 30 years old. He was a passionate fitness athlete, YouTuber, fitness model, and social media influencer. Joesthetics had been in a relationship with Nicha for the last few years. Breaking the tragic news on Instagram with a photo of the couple, she said:

“Yesterday his past away by aneurysm .. I was there with him in the room.. he put on the necklace in my neck that he made for me .. than ..we was just lay down cuddle..waiting the time to go meet Noel at the gym at 16.00 ..he was in my arms.. than this is just happening too fast.. 3 days ago he kept said that he pain his neck ..we not really realize it…until it too late.”

This happened soon after Jo had gifted her a custom necklace with her name engraved in it.

Lindner begain his fitness journey when he was young and grew a sucessful career around body building. He also used Instagram and other social media platforms to further raise awareness about healthy living.

Lindner’s dedication was apparent through his workout routines and physique. His personal workout routine, the Joesthetics Training System, became popular among his fans, who took inspiration from him.

Several fans also grieved the loss of the star. Many of them looked up to him for their health, fitness and lifestyle choices. The comments were filled with condolences, with one fan even saying “no way it’s not real, is it ???”, unable to believe that the news was true.

Needless to say, Joesthetics will be dearly missed by the entire bodybuilding community. He will also be missed by his fans who supported him throughout his journey, as well as his friends and family.

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