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How To Select A Perfectly Ripe Avocado - Expert Shares Easy Tips

Tips to select avocado

Avocado has earned its spot on the plates of fitness gurus and Bollywood celebs alike. It is not just a fruit, it is a legit trend, especially for food and enthusiasts across the globe. And why not?! After all, it is packed with B6, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, folate, and copper. It won’t be wrong to say that avocados are the superheroes of the fruit world. Imagine, you’re in the supermarket, staring at a bunch of avocados, and you’re thinking, “How on Earth do I pick the perfect one?” No worries, Chef Kunal Kapur has got your back with a guide – because who needs avocado confusion, right? In his Instagram video, the chef said that a raw avocado should exhibit a vibrant green colour, and when you press its stem, it should not yield. Moving on to an avocado in the process of ripening, Chef Kunal added that it will display a mix of green and brown hues. Similar to a raw avocado, the stem won’t budge when pressed.

For a perfectly ripe avocado, he advised looking for a dark brown outer colour. When you press the stem, it should give way easily. Additionally, if you remove the stem and find green flesh inside, the avocado is good to use. Conversely, if the flesh is brown, it indicates spoilage.

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Now, let us address the million-dollar question – ‘How to cut an avocado?’

To cut an avocado, first, slice it in half lengthwise by running a knife around the pit. Twist the halves apart and gently tap the knife into the pit, again twist to remove it. Next, with the skin on, make lengthwise and crosswise cuts, being careful not to pierce the skin. Scoop out the diced avocado with a spoon. Alternatively, if you want slices, peel the skin off each half after removing the pit and thinly slice. To prevent browning, drizzle with lemon or lime juice.

Wondering how to add avocados to your daily diet? Let us take you through some of our favourite recipes. Read on.

Here’re 5 Avocado Recipes For You To Try:

1. Chilli Oil Avocado Salad

Elevate your salad game with creamy avocados drizzled with spicy chilli oil. The contrasting flavours create a dish that’s both refreshing and zesty. Click here for the recipe.

2. Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Indulge in a guilt-free dessert by blending avocados with cocoa for a rich and velvety chocolate mousse. It is a decadent treat with a healthy twist. Recipe here.

3. Grated Egg Avocado Toast

Upgrade your breakfast with a twist on classic avocado toast. Top it with grated eggs for a protein-packed and satisfying start to your day. Want the recipe? Click here.

4. Avocado Coconut Curry

Dive into a flavourful curry that combines the creamy texture of avocados with the exotic taste of coconut. It is a unique and delicious take on traditional curry dishes. Detailed recipe here.

5. Avocado Hummus

Transform your hummus by incorporating creamy avocados. This smooth and vibrant dip adds a refreshing twist to your snack game, perfect for dipping veggies or pita chips. Click here and get the recipe.

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