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‘I look 15 years younger than my age thanks to my dedicated 6-step skin care routine’

Jacqueline Cubici-Gonzalez is 61-years-old but you’d never have guessed it as she looks much younger, and she attributes her youthful looks to her six-step beauty regime

Jacqueline Cubici-Gonzalez is 61-years-old, but you’d never have guessed (SWNS)

A grandmother says she is ‘defying age’ and looks 15 years younger than she is – all thanks to her intensive beauty routine.

Jacqueline Cubici-Gonzalez is 61 but people have told her she looks 45 and the retiree has even been mistaken for her three-year-old granddaughter’s mum.

She plays tennis, gets spa treatments and looks after her hair because she wants to stay looking young, but she said her youthful looks are all down to her six-step skincare routine.

Jacqueline spends two hours each morning applying lotions, hydrating serums, and vitamin-rich creams – and it’s all topped off with her secret ingredient: baby suncream.

Jacqueline, a retired airport worker, from Camberley, Surrey, said: “I refuse to age gracefully. People my age are expected to be grey and wrinkled, and wear wide long skirts. I always knew I never wanted that.

“I agree with Madonna’s sentiment that people should be allowed to be young when they’re over 45.”

Jacqueline has a specific beauty regime(SWNS)
She even has a secret ingredient(SWNS)

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