Fitness Freak Dwayne Johnson, Followed Globally for His Healthy Lifestyle, Had an ‘Unhealthy’ Experience of Using Energy Drinks in 2021 Before Taking Things Into His Own Hands

One of the most popular names in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is known for his filmography, work in WWE, and impeccable physique. Johnson is extremely dedicated to fitness and goes a hard way to keep his physique in top physical condition. Recently, after Logan Paul’s PRIME saw itself getting into trouble, an old video of the 51-year-old actor would come out and revealed the history behind his own set of energy drinks.

Johnson would reveal that a bad stint with energy drinks prior to 2021, led to the birth of his own line of drinks.

What led to the birth of Dwayne Johnson’s ZOA Energy drinks?


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Apart from being the owner of several other business ventures, Dwayne Johnson is also the proud co-owner of ZOA Energy drinks. Recently, an interview of Johnson from January 2023 started doing rounds on the internet after Paul’s PRIME had a setback.

During the interview, Johnson would be found describing his backstory of launching ZOA. He said, “Well, for years myself and my co-founder Dany Garcia, Dave Ramsey and John Schulman, we were energy drink consumers. Over the years, bring a big advocate of going to the gym and trying to remain as healthy as we possibly can. There was growing reticence in terms of trust and I just wasn’t sure exactly what I was drinking.”

The Brahma Bull of WWE continued, ” I was getting tired of the proprietary blends in the energy drinks. So we decided to make our own. And we made sure to make our lead foot was transparency. And I’d like to say that if it’s not on the can then you won’t see it in the can.”

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Although this interview was way before PRIME’s FDA-led investigation, it foreshadowed how Logan Paul’s drink would get into trouble over its content.

What are the differences in nutrients between a can of ZOA and a PRIME energy drink?

Both ZOA and PRIME are two different energy drinks. However, while they both serve the same purpose, they target a different set of audiences. ZOA comes in flavors such as tropical punch, pineapple coconut, white peach, and wild orange, whereas PRIME comes in ice pop, tropical punch, orange mango, lemon-lime, blue raspberry, meta moon, grape, and strawberry watermelon.


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However, a 16oz can of ZOA contains 15kcal, 3g carbohydrate, 0g sugar, and around 160mg of caffeine content. Whereas, a 12oz can of PRIME contains 1okcal, 3g carbohydrate, 0g sugar, and around 200mg of caffeine. The issue arose when investigations stated PRIME contains more than 200mg of caffeine in a can which can be harmful to children.

While Logan Paul and KSI’s drinks are now undergoing investigation, it might be the perfect time for Dwayne Johnson’s ZOA and Ric Flair’s Woooo Energy drinks to seize the market.


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Whom do you guys think will win this battle of energy drinks? Let us know in the comments.

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