Nargis Fakhri hated working out, but she loves it now—take fitness and motivation cues from the star

With the mention of Nargis Fakhri, most are teleported to 2011 reminiscing her celebrated performance as Heer in the romantic-musical, Rockstar by Imtiaz Ali. While the actor’s illustrious career on screen has left an ever-lasting impression on her fans, her off-screen presence is a constant reminder of her honest personality and fitness enthusiasm.

The actor recently took to her Instagram to share her journey of staying fit, “I used to hate the gym. I even cried working out! BUT NOW I love it! Waking up in the morning used to be so hard to push myself to get ready to go work out but now I jump out of bed excited to hit the gym!” While many celebrities swear by traditional workouts, Nargis explores the vast array of gym equipment, bringing variety and enthusiasm to her workouts, and achieving her fitness goals with enthusiasm and determination.

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From dumbbells for overhead shoulder exercises to stationary exercise bikes and treadmills for cardio, Nargis Fakhri proves that a versatile workout routine can keep you motivated and yield outstanding results. If you are also a member of the “gym is boring” club, take inspiration from Nargis’s diverse and engaging workout routine and become a member of the real gym.

Dumbbells for overhead shoulder exercise

Nargis promotes the significance of having strong and sculpted shoulders and the humble dumbbells are her go-to for this. This exercise not only targets the deltoids but also engages and tones the muscles in her shoulders, upper back, and arms. Available in different sizes and versions dumbbells are versatile and beginner friendly. You can adjust the weight according to your strength level, ensuring progressive and challenging workouts. By incorporating dumbbell exercises into your regime, you can boost your upper body strength and posture, ultimately setting a goal for a confident and toned physique.

Stationary exercise bike for cycling

Cycling is a childhood favourite for most, so take your love for this outdoor activity to the gym by implementing it into your workout routine with stationary exercise bikes. Offering the same benefits as outdoor cycling but with the convenience of staying within the gym, stationary bikes are a win-win for all. This low-impact cardio workout offers a plethora of health benefits including burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, and lower body strengthening. With adjustable resistance levels, you can customize your cycling sessions to suit your personal endurance and training objectives.

Treadmill for cardiovascular endurance

Cardiovascular exercises play a vital role in any fitness routine, and Nargis Fakhri turns to the treadmill for her cardio needs. Incorporating treadmill workouts will allow you to engage in high-intensity cardio sessions and improve your cardiovascular endurance. With a choice of speed and incline, you can cutomise your cardio sessions and challenge yourself continuously. This powerful cardio workout will push your limits challenging your stamina, aiding in burning calories, and promoting overall heart health.

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