Soha Ali Khan’s well-rounded fitness regime is rooted in yoga, weight training, and cardio

When it comes to fitness Soha Ali Khan does it all for a sculpted core and a scroll through her Instagram feed will make it clear how seriously she takes her fitness goals. If you can’t seem to stop procrastinating your workouts, videos of Soha doing headstands and sweaty core strengthening activities will wrap you in her contagious high-spirited motivation and just watching her workout will prove to be your new pre-workout, leaving you pumped for your own daily sesh. There’s not a week that goes by when Soha doesn’t post herself working out with a new apparatus. She has taken our Instagram feed captive with her power-packed workouts that are bound to make you get on your feet and plan your daily workout. From cardio to weight training and HIIT, Khan does it all and you can certainly take inspiration (and should) from the fitness freak to ace your own regime.

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To make life easier for you, we rounded up the fitness cues you can take from her and the benefits she reaps that’ll motivate you:

Forms of training Soha Ali Khan enjoys:

HIIT for the win

An adrenaline-boosting HIIT workout proves to be a great cathartic activity to bust the stresses of a hectic day. High-intensity interval training, better known as HIIT, is a one-stop workout that comprises of multiple reps of intense exercises— from squats to pull-ups. This form of exercise definitely gives results since it leaves you sweaty even in a 10-minute session. Less time commitment while reaping maximum benefits is definitely what we’ll have, courtesy of HIIT.

Cardio with benches and ropes

Kickstart your workout and let your creative juices flow to incorporate elements and apparatuses like tennis balls, mats, and resistance bands Soha Ali Khan is seen training with you to make use of simple items and refresh your fitness routine while doing so. These equipments help activate specific muscles for a better burn and enhance the sculpting of these muscles. Find a workout buddy or train with your fitness instructor for added motivation and to hold each other accountable. Khan’s trainer makes sure to keep things lively to keep the joy alive!

Yoga is a must

A go-to form of exercise for many celebrities is Yoga. Incorporating varied asanas or poses in yoga promotes flexibility, precision and when paired with meditation is of great therapeutic value. On days you want to keep your workout mellow, Yoga is the right pick to move your body at a slow pace. But don’t confuse slow with easy, the intricate poses can be challenging to master!

Weight training for the win

Flaunting a sculpted back with muscular arms and washboard abs, Soha Ali Khan regularly debunks all conceptions that weight lifting is in the ballpark of the hunks. From weighted squats, push-ups, and lunges Khan’s fitness regime seems to follow the ‘go big or go home’ motto. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, adding weights to your exercises ups the level and is bound to instantly leave you feeling stronger while accelerating the calorie-burning process. Let Soha Ali Khan teach you to do it all from HIIT to cardio and Yoga to cater to all of your chakras!

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