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The most recommended exercise by personal trainers to get fit at home

The most recommended exercise by personal trainers to get fit at homePixabay

Do exercise It is essential to carry a Healthy life and stay in shape. Many people choose to go togym to make it. Others train at home and the least have a personal trainer who advises them the most suitable exercises for their physical complexion. If you do not belong to any of these groups but want to get in shape and get a more defined figure, this will surely interest you.


And we are going to tell you what it is one of the most recommended exercises by personal trainers to get ready without leaving home. Is about plank. This exercise is very complete and mobilizes the muscles of the legs, buttocks, arms, back and abdominal area.

The most recommended exercise by personal trainers to stay in shape.

At first it will cost you a lot of effort but little by little your body will get stronger and you will begin to see the results in your figure in just one month. Of course, you must be constant and do it correctly.

The iron is the ideal exercise to lose belly.

This is how you should do the iron correctly

To perform this exercise at home and without the supervision of a professional, it is very important to maintain a correct posture. Only in this way will the exercise be effective and you will reduce the risk of injury.

Sometimes, we focus more on trying to stay up as long as possible but little by little we vary the position until we end up arching our back, which can lead to lower back pain and injuries. So first master the position and only when you have it fully controlled can you try hold it as long as possible.

Tips for making irons at home

get down on the ground face down on a mat or mat in a position similar to that of the push-ups. Then, rest your forearms on the floor and put your elbows at 90 degrees. He the rest of the body should follow a straight line from head to toe, as if it were a wooden plank.

A personal trainer will help you learn the most suitable exercises for your physical complexion.

Tuck your belly button in and contract the area of abdomen. There you are in the correct position and you must maintain it for as long as possible. At first, it is enough to hold for 20 seconds and rest for another 20. Repeat the exercise three times with this cadence during the first week.

Little by little you can increase both the seconds of each series and the number of series itself. The second week hold 30 seconds and the third 45. When you have been training for a month you will be able to do one minute planks.

How many planks do you have to do a day to lose weight?

Trainers recommend doing three planks of 60 seconds each a day. As we have mentioned, if you are not used to exercising, it is best to gradually increase the number of seconds you can hold on to.

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