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The population with “Fitness Lovers” is activated in Tepetitla

Within the framework of the celebration of the Day of Love and Friendship, the state government, through the Tlaxcala Sports Institute (IDET), successfully carried out the first edition of “Fitness Lovers”, as part of the activities that They promote physical culture through programs and actions to benefit a healthy lifestyle for the Tlaxcalans.

IDET and municipal staff welcomed and inaugurated the activity with the participation of students and teachers from the “Abraham Castellanos” elementary school and the “Crisanto Cuéllar” General High School, as well as people from different municipalities.

In the two-hour morning session, 150 people gathered to practice physical routines set to music at the Tepetitla Integral Sports Center. The classes lasted one hour each, and were also taught by instructors specialized in the subject and free of charge.

Mrs. Ana Lidia Arévalo, 52 years old and a neighbor of the community, commented that this type of event positively promotes health in the population and helps people to have an activity that improves their physical condition.

“I think it’s a very good event because it helps us not to think about the problems that cause depression, and it also helps young people against addictions, since it’s better to do sports or an activity and not think about negative things.”

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In this way, the government headed by Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, through the Tlaxcala Sports Institute, works on actions to promote and lead a healthy lifestyle in the population of the state.

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