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This is the training of Iker Casillas after 40 and told by his ‘personal trainer’

Iker Casillas it’s fashionable. The game that has given its supposed “crisis of the 40s” as a result of his taste for making more or less funny videos on Instagram and TikTok, his work as a commentator in the last World Cup and his participation in the King’s League, the latest “craze ” Viral by Gerard Piqué, have returned him to the forefront of today. Now, the former soccer player, who he will be 42 years old in mayhas also fallen into the networks of functional training to stay physically fit.

In his time as a professional athlete, Iker was not exactly famous for stepping on the gym a lot. Numerous former teammates of his at Real Madrid and the national team have joked about it on different occasions, to the point that it has become a kind of universal truth, but the truth is that nobody knows at this point in the film if it was a story true or a hoax fueled by the legend of the historic goalkeeper, captain of the Spanish team, world champion in 2010.

In any case, there is no doubt that now Iker does go to the gym. We know this thanks to the videos he shares on Instagram in his account (@mltrainer) Miguel Lordán Jiménez, the person who has gotten Iker Casillas hooked on functional training. He has already done it before with a long list of celebrities who also get in shape with him at the facilities of his sports center on Calle Columela in Madrid, very close to the Puerta de Alcalá.

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