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Hi there, Namaste! Welcome to the day 7 of our 30 day yoga for weight loss challenge with me, Naveen Sharma

Our today’s session is Power Yoga.

If you have not attended previous sessions and have directly come to this session then I highly recommend you to practice previous sessions first and then come to this session because this series is progressive in nature.

This yoga challenge is for everyone, whether you are looking for beginner yoga or intermediate yoga, I have made sure that I give you scale down and scale up version of all the asana in this 30 day yoga challenge so that you can modify the practice as per your current yoga practice.

If you follow this 30 day yoga for weight loss challenge to the T, trust me you can expect results like
– Losing Inches
– Improving your flexibility
– Getting stronger
– And also building better balance

As this is a weight loss yoga challenge, there are some rules for you to follow so that you can get the best results

Rule # 1 – You need to complete each session till the end by giving your 100% efforts and complete the challenges in 35 days max. I am giving you a 5 day buffer in case you need it

Rule #2 – You need to clock in 10k steps every single day from the time you start the challenge until you complete it

Rule #3 – In every session, I will share an “Asana of the Day”. All you need to do is to shoot it in a video and post it in my private Facebook community “Yoga with Naveen”. By looking at your videos, I can make suggestions to improve your alignment and help you improve your practice.

Join my private Facebook community to be part of a my yoga community and post asana of the day video:

Just follow the above mentioned rules and you will see amazing results.

If you have any questions related to this challenge, you can directly message me on my Instagram handle at the below link. I will be happy to help.

*Today’s Practice*
1:41 – Kapalabhati
7:00 – Shishosana Variation
9:07 – Power Yoga Sequence
9:15 – Parsvakonasana – Asana of the Day
25:29 – Supta Padangusthasana A
27:32 – Supta Vakrasana
29:06 – Savasana

Wishing you abundant happiness and health!
Naveen Sharma

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